How to Integrate Ocean Science in your Classroom

How to Integrate Ocean Science in your Classroom

DESCRIPTION: Many educators understand the importance of the ocean from a climate change and bio- diversity perspective. Protecting the ocean links with the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, and can offer new ways to connect with Global Citizenship and Development education. However, ocean science is not information that Irish teachers are commonly trained in, and thus it can be a daunting topic to teach. This session seeks to arm us with the knowledge of Ocean Literacy’ an easily accessible method for bringing the wonders of the ocean into the classroom. Marine expert, Eimear Manning, will take us through the Principles of Ocean Literacy, and show us some simple, fun, and interactive ways to incorporate ocean knowledge into any subject. Eimear has also co-created several resources for teachers on ocean topics, which she will share as links for you to download and/or print.

Eimear Manning obtained her Masters of Science in marine sustainability. She currently coordinates the marine Explorers Programme, and is the Climate Justice coordinator for the National Youth Council of Ireland. She has worked with ECOUNESCO as their Environmental & Youth coordinator, developing and delivering a wide range of climate change related topics such as plastics, food waste, and unsus- tainable fashion. Finally, she is the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Mentor for Ireland as part of the Healthy Seas and Oceans Unit in the European Commission.

Eimear's speciality species is sharks. She regularly travels to Florida to live aboard a research ship while catching, tagging, and releasing sharks for research purposes. She also volunteers with the charity Sharks4kids as an educator. Eimear has seen how a changing climate has been affecting these important predators, and has dedicated her life to educating others on how they can help protect the ocean. Eimear is experienced in creating cross-curricular lesson plans and activities on the topics of ocean literacy, climate change, and climate justice. She will be sharing some of her knowledge and resources for both primary and post-primary levels. Eimear founded Turn Tides’ in 2010, and is available for in-school or online workshops, CPD training, and public/private events.

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