An Introduction to Mindmapping: Supporting Thinking and Memory

An Introduction to Mindmapping: Supporting Thinking and Memory

This ONLINE hands-on practical workshop will introduce, step by step, the easy and accessible method of Mind-Mapping created by Tony Buzan, the original inventor of Mind Mapping. 

Mind Mapping is a thinking tool that represents and organises ideas and information on a theme or topic into a visual and colourful map. Mind Maps provide a helicopter view of a topic by showing connections and relationships between ideas and information making them an excellent tool for supporting mental literacy and improving memory and recall. 

Mind Mapping helps to develop metacognitive skills by providing students with insight into how they think and learn. When students create their own mind maps they are able to make better sense of material, organise and consolidate their ideas, improve their note taking, and enhance their study skills and revision technique. 

Mind mapping, while it is such a useful skill to learn and use while in school, has much longer term benefits and is a skill that students will have for life and can use in both their personal and working lives.

During the workshop we will go through the stages of building a Mind Map and how to teach this to students in easy steps.  

We will deconstruct some Mind Maps to explore the features of an effective Mind Map, and we will have a go at creating our own Mind-Maps as well as exploring some of the practical applications and uses for Mind Maps. 


Participants will need to have paper and colouring pencils/markers to the online workshop and will need a small space beside their computer where they can work.  Participants will also need to be prepared to have their cameras and microphones on to facilitate sharing and collaboration.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 01-10-2020 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 01-10-2020 8:30 pm
Course Fee Free
Location Online Course
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