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Forbhreathnú ar Chúrsaí / Course Overview

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Face to Face: STEM Project for Large Schools

Face to Face:  STEM Project for Large Schools


The CPD on offer for this project will involve practical, hands-on workshops, using very simple materials. The workshops will take place monthly during February, March and April

So what would participation mean for your school?

  • There will be a number of practical, hands-on workshops in Galway Education Support Centre. The workshops will be designed to enable the participating teachers to develop their own skills so that they will be confident to undertake Science/STEM/STEAM work in their own classrooms. These workshops will initially explore the scientific and mathematical skills needed to undertake particular STEAM activities. Most of the topics will be suitable for all classes. Arising from the workshops, there will often be a few STEAM projects, that can be explored in the school
  • Each participating teacher will then explore the topics in his/her own classes and will also introduce the topics/ ‘ways of working’ to at least one other classroom in the school.
  • The emphasis is on building the skills of each participating teacher and then building the skills of the whole school staff and students
  • Generally the materials needed for the STEAM projects will be freely available….mostly recycled materials but now and then there will be a little specialised equipment required….e.g. for electricity work….you may already have this equipment in your school but, if you haven’t, we will help you to find and purchase what is required
  • After every workshop all of the worksheets, PowerPoints, explanations required…… will be emailed to each teacher, who attends the workshops.
  • Only teachers that attend the workshops will get that email…..attendance at the workshops is absolutely essential.
  • It maybe possible to organise a school visit to some participating schools….this could be used to deliver a STEM workshop during a Croke Park hour to the whole staff, to build overall understanding of the work in STEM.

Sub cover will not be available so the school will need to organise cover for the participating teacher(s) for the monthly workshops. We suggest that the teachers from 3rd & 4th  class would be the teachers, who should attend but each school can make that decision itself.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 29-04-2024 1:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 29-04-2024 2:45 pm
Course Fee Free
Subsequent Dates 21 March
Number Hours 6
Speaker Michael Browne
Location Galway Education Support Centre

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