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Forbhreathnú ar Chúrsaí / Course Overview

    Logáil Isteach / Cláraigh

Face-to-Face: Braincalm Programme - Practitioner Training

Face-to-Face: Braincalm Programme - Practitioner Training


Trainees will learn:

The 15 minute a day brain changing exercises (1 year long programme) where pupils are taken out of class in groups of 3 to complete this simple but highly effective programme of exercises which improve the following:

  • attention and concentration 
  • language
  • writing 
  • sleep
  • behaviour self-regulation 
  • reduce fidgeting, shouting out in class, on the go behaviours 
  • improve mood & self esteem
  • dial down sensory behaviours 

Trainees will learn how to make the exercises easier or harder as needed.

Trainees wil also become familiar with Brenda Cassidy's unique but simple colour coded method to identify sensory behaviours often seen in both mainstream & special education class pupils

Braincalm is highly effective for the following conditions (no diagnosis needed)

1. Autism

2. Dyspraxia 

3. Dyslexia


5. Sensory processing difficulties 

6. Anxiety

Any conditions which have a Sensory component ie Downs Syndrome 

Watch a 2minute video of Brenda on Ireland AM

To see a sample of exercises click on this link

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 24-09-2024 4:30 pm
Course End Date / Time 01-10-2024 6:30 pm
Course Fee €99.00
Number Hours 4
Speaker Brenda Cassidy
Location Galway Education Support Centre

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