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Presentation on Accelerated Reader

Used by over 50% of schools in Northern Ireland, and quickly growing in Republic of Ireland.

Read a book
Students read a book within their Zone of Proximal Development – a reading difficulty range
within which they will be able to access the text, but still challenge themselves 

Take a quiz
When they have read the book, the student logs in to Accelerated Reader to take a multiple-choice
quiz on its contents, ensuring they have read the book and understood it.

Get instant feedback
The student immediately sees how well they have done, giving them the confidence to pick up
a new book and continue to develop their reading.

The programme offers unparalleled opportunity to provide personalised practice for your students,
offering insight into individual reading habits and abilities while fostering a lifelong engagement with
reading among students.

This course will take place on 3rd December 2018 - 4 pm to 6 pm.

To book a place click here