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Make a Joyful Noise, Galway 2020 - Information Session

The Concept:

We are looking for max 300 pupils from 8-10 Galway city and county schools (e.g. one class of 30 pupils, per school) to participate in Make a Joyful Noise, Galway 2020. We will learn 8-10 songs to sing in a Gala Concert, with an orchestra, in Mar/Apr 2020 as part of the European City of Culture celebrations. Pupils should be in 4th to 6th class in Mar/Apr 2020.

 The Plan:

Songs will be worked on with the Choral Director through workshop visits in the schools. Children will be very familiar with notes and lyrics in advance of visits, through work done by the class teacher, using a variety of supports given through the program (eg Sheet music, lyrics sheets, Audio/video files).

Each school involved will have at least one workshop onsite. Participating schools will also need to be able to travel to a host school for some of the workshops over the course of the project.

The rehearsal plan starts week Feb 11th, and runs to June 10th, 2019, resuming week Sept 16th.

This academic year, each school will work on 4 songs, and have two workshops.

The 2019/2020 schedule sees each participating school at two workshops Sept to midterm, two workshops Nov to Dec (final rehearsals 2019 Week 7th Dec), two workshops Jan to Midterm 2020 and a further two/three rehearsal dates after Feb Midterm 2020, before the concert Mar/Apr.

Focus will be on tuneful, rhythmically tight unison singing, with some elements of part song.

There are two information sessions available, if you would like to book a place on 21st January click here or to book a place on 24th January click here