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Bígí go Breá SPHE Junior Infant Programme

Bígí go Breá is a comprehensive S.P.H.E. Programme for Junior Infant classes. It spans the full school year and full curriculum with 34 lessons, split in to three terms of work. Included in the programme is a comprehensive Teacher Manual which has all curriculum links, termly overviews, daily lesson plans and detailed descriptors of all the resources. 


The resources that accompany Bígí go Breá are:


  • Animated Story Videos (30 videos)

  • Music (13 original songs)

  • Games (28 Interactive Games and Hands-on Games)

  • Meditation (3 meditations)

  • Breathing Exercise

  • Creative Wellbeing Art (18 lesson plans and long term plans)


Schools with more than one class of students are only required to make a single subscription purchase of €50 for the programme. The account will be made compatible for multiple users and an individual login for each teacher will be provided. Please simply let us know how many users are required for your school in the form when registering and this will be accommodated.

Website: www.lasoglearning.com

 Course link direct:


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