CPR 4 Post Primary Schools

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any age. Young or old. Fit or not.

We know that 70% of cardiac arrests happen in the home and the chances of recovery decrease by 10% for every minute that proper care isn’t administered.

Irish Heart Foundation’s CPR 4 Schools programme is an innovative programme designed for post-primary schools. It is quick and easy programme that equips teachers with the skills to deliver the training to their students. Using a train the trainer model Irish Heart Foundation prepares teachers to teach their students.

Why do this in schools?

Schools have been identified as the ideal setting to reach all children and young people to reduce premature death and disability from heart disease and stroke which is Ireland’s number one killer, accounting for 32% of all deaths. Statistics show that 5,000 people die in Ireland annually from sudden cardiac death and 70% of these cardiac arrests happen in the home. By starting CPR immediately, the victim’s chances of survival can be doubled. Therefore, the Irish Heart Foundation is initiating a CPR 4 Schools programme to train the next generation of lifesavers who will be able to respond in such emergencies.

How does it work?

Irish Heart Foundation’s expert CPR 4 School team deliver training via education centres over the two hours to teacher.  After training teachers leave with unique login details to an online portal which deliverers the programme into any classroom, in addition, Irish Heart Foundation provides schools with free kits worth €600 which consist of training manikins.

CPR 4 Schools is linked to the curriculum making it easy for teachers to roll out in their schools during class time. Training videos stream through an online portal which has a wide range of resources and can be even run in a 40-minute class.

Our CPR 4 Schools programme consists of a combination of the following for participating schools:

  • A 2.5 hour workshop conducted through Education Centres providing teacher training in how to run CPR 4 Schools.

  • Lesson plans to guide teachers in delivering the course to students.

  • Lesson plan to train school staff.

  • Equipment packs (including manikins) for schools to enable hands-on and interactive practice with students (1 per school).

  • Online access for registered schools to the lesson plans, 40-minute course video and other resources to help deliver the course.

  • Irish Heart Foundation CPR Certificates for each participating student and teachers with CPD points.

  • Access to additional learning materials & other online resources.

How do teachers register?

Book into the CPR 4 School via local education centre, a list of education centres will be available online www.irishheart.ie  or register your interest This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To participate in this programme a minimum of two teachers from a school must attend the 2-hour workshop for teachers so that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to train students in CPR.

Please note this programme is for post primary schools only.

The Impact

CPR 4 Schools trains the next generation of lifesavers, providing students with the skills and confidence to perform CPR in cardiac emergencies. We’ll help you turn each of your post-primary school students into a skilled lifesaver, which is a reassuring thing to know for everyone. Be it fellow teachers, fellow students or indeed their own family.

By 2019 this programme will have trained teachers in 72% of secondary schools.

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