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CALLING ALL TEACHERS Bring coding and tech to your school with EU Code Week!

CODE WEEK - 5th to 20th October 

What is EU Code Week?
EU Code Week celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through coding and other tech activities. Schools and teachers of all levels and subjects are invited to participate throughout the year. Learn more and add your activity to the Code Week map via the webpage specially dedicated to teachers: codeweek.eu/schools

Why should you get involved?

Coding helps develop 21st century competences such as computational thinking, problem solving, creativity and teamwork.
EU Code Week offers all students the possibility to make their first steps as digital creators, by providing schools and teachers free professional development opportunities, teaching resources, international challenges
and opportunities to exchange.
By joining the EU Code Week and the Code Week 4 All challenge, you can earn a Certificate of Excellence! Spread the word among your colleagues and invite them to join EU Code Week as well!

How can you get involved?
Anyone is welcome to organise or join an activity. Just pick a topic and a target audience and add your activity to the map
To get prepared take a look at the how-to page, and download our toolkits for organisers to spread the word.

For additional training and guidance, visit our teaching resources page browse the learning bits training materials including videos and tailored lesson plans, or participate in an
upcoming Code Week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).