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Debating Information 2019-2020

Primary Schools Debating Competition 2019-2020

Sr. Mary de Lourdes Fahy Galway Primary Schools Debating

NOTE: This Competition is ONLY Open to Schools Who Have Previously Participated in the Debating Competition

Monday 16th September 2019

Dear Principal,

From improving speaking and listening skills to building self-esteem, learning to debate has many benefits for primary school children. The importance of the development of Oral Language skills is highlighted in the Primary Language Curriculum which is currently being implemented in schools.

The 2019-2020 Sr. De Lourdes Fahy Primary School Debating Competition will take place between January and March 2020.  The dates for the competition, which, is confined to 16 teams only, will be confirmed following the completion of the application process.

This year, the Sr. Mary de Lourdes Fahy Cup Competition will be open to schools who have previously participated in the debating competition and have experience in debating.

The Galway Education Centre Debating Shield Competition will be open to schools who have not previously participated in the debating competition.

Schools selected for the Galway Education Centre Debating Shield Competition ONLY must commit to attending two workshops on ‘Debating in the Primary School’ with support and training provided by Margaret Martin and funded by the Galway Education Centre.

Our aim is to engage every child in the class not just those selected for the team representing the school.

Schools will be expected to fund transport to the debates which will take place during school time. 

We are accepting applications to participate in the competition until 4pm on Friday 4th October 2019. Please complete the attached form to apply for selection.

In the event of more than 16 applications, participants will be selected by lottery. All decisions in relation to the selection process is final.

Download booking form for new schools here

Download booking form for returning schools here

Sincere thanks for your time.




Carmel Burns


Galway Education Centre