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Transition Year Sustainability Course

Awareness is growing that sustainability is core to long term survival of all species on earth including humans. Teenagers are aware of the impending crisis through social media channels and have demonstrated their concern – Corrib Beo Partnership felt that we need to connect with and empower the youth to develop initiatives to drive exponential rate of change.

Today’s children have access to vast amounts of information and must be provided with focused education and tools to lead a revolution which will change our unsustainable path.

Efficient transition to sustainable ways require an educational strategy that inspires and empowers the next generations.

It is imperative that sustainability become a core part of education system in the near future. In order to gain immediate momentum Corrib Beo worked to develop a transition year module which was pilot tested at Presentation College, Headford, Co. Galway.

The formal course for Transition Year Co-ordinators and Teachers will commence at Galway Education Centre on 18th November 2019.

In partnership with Galway Education Centre

All presentations / resources / lesson and teachers notes have been thoroughly researched and prepared for teachers who are implementing the Sustainability Course

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