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Erasmus+ Information Session

What is ERASMUS+ for Schools?

Key Action 1: Supporting the Mobility of Teachers and Staff

Teachers and school staff can spend a period abroad at another school or take a training course in another country.   A mobility project consists of one or more of the following activities:

  • Teaching Assignments

  • Structured Courses or Training Events abroad

  • Job-Shadowing

The mobility activities are expected to produce some of the following outcomes:

  • Improved professional competences

  • Capacity to trigger change in terms of modernisation & international openings within their organisations

  • Improved foreign language competences

Key Action 2: School Exchange Partnerships

School Exchange Partnerships are for schools that want to establish a pupil and staff exchange project.  The projects are small, making them ideal for schools applying for their first Erasmus+ partnerships.


In 2018, organisations who received funding included primary and secondary schools, City Councils, Universities/Colleges, Education Centres and Education and Training Boards.  Project themes included: Art as Therapy, Intercultural Education in Primary Schools, Language Training, Educational Exchanges, Wellbeing, STEM and ICT. Funding granted in 2018, is highlighted below:

On the 27th November, the information session will cover all you need to know about

Supporting the Mobility of Teachers and Staff including how to complete the application for the February 2020 deadline. 

More details will be provided on School Exchange Partnerships.

It will also be an opportunity to network with other schools and generate project ideas.

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