Become a Citizen Scientist!


Helping Young People to become Citizen Scientists through Online Mapping of Trees.


Primary and post-primary teachers.


Exploration of a free easy-to-use App known Curio-xyz which allows users to plot trees, their location, photos, names, characteristics, stories about them etc. By this process we create an online record of local trees and forests and learn from the recordings of others.

Through the collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world and by making it freely available and accessible to all, school children and youth are taking on the role of Citizen Scientists. Their scientific data will greatly help professional scientists and local communities to protect trees and increase awareness of their importance as a resource that tackles climate change, protects biodiversity and benefits people’s health.

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There will also be an overview of the National Biodiversity Centre app for the mapping of different species of flora and fauna.


By bringing your smart device to the workshop, uploading the curio-xyz app and exploring its easy-to-use functions.


14th November 2019 @ 7.00 p.m.


The training event will take place in the Technology Room of the Galway Education Centre ( ).

Follow up:

Teachers will follow this up by mentoring their pupils and students in the use of the Curio-xyz (& similar app) as well as provide relevant scientific

 and heritage information on trees that grow locally.  Then, on ‘Galway Open Data Day 2019’ (November 21st), teachers can choose an

 appropiate location in their neighbourhhood, get the class to access the app on a smart device and partake in Citizen Science by recording trees.

 Where the app has already been used the previous posts can be perused  and much can be learnt about the surroundings through this online data.

This will transform local areas into interactive Outdoor Classrooms as well  as hopefully help save the trees and increase tree cover. 

Download Brochure Here