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Cognitive Abilities Profile Assessment Two-Day Training

Course for Educational Psychologists, Therapists and Primary and Secondary Special Education Teachers

Training on the Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP)

*Training on the Cognitive Abilities Profile (CAP) will focus on the theory behind the CAP and how the CAP can be used as an important consultation and observational tool for assessing an individual’s learning abilities and needs at both primary and post-primary levels.

*The CAP draws on Vygotsky’s theory of the Zone of Proximal Development and is underpinned by Dynamic Assessment theories which focus on the learning potential of an individual. Teaching/mediation plays a prominent role in the Dynamic Assessment approach. Dynamic Assessment partly arose out of a dissatisfaction with psychometric testing particularly for individuals who come from a culturally or linguistically different background to what is assumed by many traditional tests.

The CAP comprises three sections:

Section A: Cognitive Abilities- this is the main part of the CAP and is the tool for the collaborative consultation between, for example, a teacher, a SNA, parents etc. to discuss and score the child’s abilities. It builds a realistic picture of the child or adolescent’s pattern of strengths and difficulties.

Section B:   The learner’s response -to different  teaching activities. This part of the CAP is for the teacher to evaluate the child’s response to  different types of  teaching and mediation, in or outside the classroom.

Section C: Task Analysis. This part of the CAP provides a structure for observation of various tasks in or out of the classroom. This enables us to compare the task to what the learner can or cannot do.

During this training session the following will be explored:

The main theories underlining the CAP and how they relate to education practice and assessment
  • How the CAP may be used within a school setting to inform practice and plan interventions.

  • The three sections of the CAP as outlined above

  • A CAP toolkit will be available for participants to examine.

Training in the CAP is designed to be used by, and is highly relevant to, educational professionals such as educational psychologists, therapists and Special Education Teachers. The CAP aims to create a greater link between assessment and planning interventions to facilitate learning.

CAP training will be provided by Dr Ruth Deutsch who is an internationally renowned expert in dynamic assessment. Ruth Deutsch authored the CAP with Michelle Mohammed and recently completed her PhD on ‘The Reliability, Validity and Educational use of the Cognitive Abilities Profile’.

The CAP Toolkit can be purchased from the Dyslexia Action Shop. The CAP toolkit consists of, The CAP Administration and Scoring Manual, CAP Record Forms (a pack of 20) and Summary Forms (a pad of 40).

CAP Profile – Follow UP Loan Scheme

Galway Education Centre is delighted to announce that Galway Education Centre has invested

in Cognitive Abilities Profile Toolkit for school trial, and we are now in a position to offer this on loan to schools who attend the CAP Training at Galway Education Centre in the school year 2019-2020.

The CAP Toolkit will be loaned to schools on a once-off basis to teachers who have attended the CAP Training on 12th & 13th February 2020. Schools who take the CAP Toolkit on loan will be asked for a nominal fee of €30 for a six - week period.

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