Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom is a learning approach which reverses the traditional learning environment. Students engage with content during out of class time e.g. pre-recorded videos, then engage further with this content during class time. This facilitates a deeper dive into the learning material during class time, allowing for richer conversations and learning to occur. With the flipped classroom, students have direct access to the knowledge with the teacher serves as a coach and mentor. 

These innovative and hands on workshops will:

*Explore ways to create digital content to support the flipped classroom

*Support teachers to plan for, create, store and disseminate effective instructional videos

*Understand how the flipped classroom can be integrated with effective formative assessment

*Identify how the flipped classroom can support the development of students’ key skills and can support differentiation and personalised learning.

*Facilitate teachers to reflect and rethink their approach to teaching, learning and assessment.

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