Midday Moment

Welcome to your 'Midday Moment' - a space where we invite you the teacher or school leader to take a breath for yourself once a day whilst you navigate your way through the current circumstances which have left us with a new reality to adapt to, for the moment anyway.  

As teachers, we mostly love routine and there is a great sense of security (even if we don't always recognise it!) in predictable schedules, bells calling us in and out of class, and terms that begin and end like clockwork.  In stark contrast, this is a time of uncertainty which along with online teaching pressures, family commitments and other concerns can bring stress, worry and even anxiety to the fore for many of us.  

So each day, we invite you to link in at midday to pause, breathe and just be; we will offer a quote to consider or a mindful moment to engage with; maybe even plan to have a cuppa at that point in the day so that it can become part of your new routine.  Each Wednesday then, I will invite you to engage in a short mindful practice via video so that you can take a few more moments for yourself.  Never before has self-care been so important, not just for ourselves but for our loved ones and the community around us.

For today, let's pause, take a long deep conscious breath and consider a different kind of 'to do list’

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