Midday Moment

Today we see gentle easing of some restrictions and whilst this still leaves us as teachers pretty much in the same position we have been in (apart from maybe being able to access our schools), it is still a step forward; no matter how small. So with this in mind, it's a good day to pause, take a long deep conscious breath and feel a little bit of hope and change emerge now. It may only be a tiny shift but it is significant.  What matters is how we preceive this coming week; we can choose to see only stress and worry or we can choose to notice that these are present, use our mindful practice (including gratitude practice) to calm the stress response as best we can, and see something else is present too....hope, sunshine, cups of tea, summer evenings, laughter....and much more. Even in the midst of much chaos and uncertainty lies calm and happy moments; it's just our choice to see it and feel it or not and it's a good week to start ! Go gently, go lightly.

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