Midday Moment

I have often heard it said by many that they 'just can't meditate'. I even had one man tell me once that he 'doesnt do that breathing stuff !' The truth is that if you are breathing, then you can meditate. Meditation is not about 'clearing your mind', but rather noticing what is actually happening in the mind, whats occurring around you and what your senses are bringing to you. There are visualisation meditations too which bring us into our imagination adn into a deeper meditative practice, but being present to what is, good, bad or indifferent means that you are being mindful. So try this now....pause what you are doing, dont change your brething now but just notice it, the breath going in and out of your body, the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out. Now notice what your senses are bringing to you right now in this moment; name something you can see now; its colour and shape. Name something you can hear.  Name something you can touch; notice what it feels like.... its temperature, hard or soft, rough or smooth.  Name something can smell.  And if appropriate, what can you taste.  Notice your breathing again. Now bring all of your attention into your feet. When your mind resists and tells you there is something more important to think or worry about, thats ok. Dont push those thoughts away but allow them to be there and label them with the word 'thinking' and return your attention to your breathing, your feet or your senses.  If you have been able to do this, then you have entered that world of meditation.  It will be your life-long friend. In times of adversity, it will ground you and steady your ship.  In times of happiness, it will deepen your gratitude and illuminate your joy.  Meditation is for everyone; it not only changes your inner world, your perspective and your responses, it changes your outer world too. Go gently, go lightly this Wednesday.
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