Midday Moment

I rarely meet a teacher in the workshops who doesn't give his/her best in their preparation and delivery of their teaching. I am yet to meet a teacher in those spaces who has said 'sure that will do!' It is more that not only do we wish to deliver to the highest standard, but rather we wish to go above and beyond it. We want it to be perfect. Understandable. However, as I have found out myself over the years, perfectionism can more often than not lead to a great deal of pressure, stress and yes..... the dreaded procrastination ! Over the years, I have heard teachers say ' I didnt know where to start because it had to be done a certain way' or 'it just won't be good enough'. Perfectionism has a nasty habit of strangling creativity, along with halting our ability to be vunerable and just 'give it a try', which in itself can lead to building a trusting learning environment as the pupils or students see that it is actually alright to try and fail; if teacher does it, then it's ok for us to try too even if it means risk. So today, maybe take a moment to reflect on how you deal with or face perfectionism. Maybe just maybe it doesn't need to be completely perfect. Maybe you should start with trusting in your 'gut' on how to begin. I always ask myself when planning 'what do they need right now?' That is me planning for PD for teachers but the same principle applies, particularly at the moment which so much uncertainty and so many daily updates. So take a moment now. Breathe in deeply. Breathe out slowly. Ask 'what do they need' and trust in the answer. No, it won't be perfect: the reason why is because nothing is. But it's your best starting point. Go gently, go lightly everyone.
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