Midday Moment

As we move closer to the weekend and hopefully some well'earned resting time, it might be worth taking a couple of moments to draw your attention down into your body. So to do this, we just pause and notice the breath; going in and going out. We rest quietly in this breathing. Notice your shoulders. Are you carrying tension in your shoulder muscles? If you feel some pockets of tension, on your next breath, breathe out this tension on the exhale. Notice your stomach muscles now. Do you feel you are holding an tension here? Once you have noticed, gently let this tension out on the exhale of your next breath.  Now with compassion for yourself, draw all of your attention down into your feet. Notice their weight on the floor. Return your attention to your breathig now and rest in this space. If thoughts take over, this is perfectly normal. Just notice them and label with the word 'thinking' and return attention to your feet again. Now you are 'in' your body. As you are breathing restfully, ask your body what it needs right now. The first answer you get is the right answer. Trust in it. Our body is always speaking to us....always telling us what to do, when to eat, sleep, drink, rest ..... the question is do we listen or do we think we know better?
The body speaks to us in every moment so today as you move into your weekend, listen to what your body needs. If you choose to listen and to follow the message, you will end up in a much better place than if you ignore it. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Go gently and go lightly with yourself. You deserve a rest and a break
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