Midday Moment

What does the weekend represent for you? Is it a space to just catch up on all the workd and tasks you didn't get to during the week or is there even a short space carved our for you to rest, repair, rejuvenate and renew?
In order for our brains and bodies to renew and repair sufficiently to support us into a new week, we do need to allocated time for resting and enjoyment over the weekend. It could be something as simple as watching a movie alone or with family, or getting out in nature and breathing in some fresh air. It's always best to keep it simple, be present to it and notice how you have consciously made a choice to look after yourself as this is not a luxury but a necessity, particularly at the moment following one of the most challenging school years of our teaching lives. You might have notived in the image, the suggestion to do a 'brain dump' this involves taking out a notebook or even a post-it note and just writing down any thoughts and feelings that are present with you. It has been proven to aid in keeping us 'checked-in' with what's happening with us and is valuable exercise in self-awareness. It can leave us feeling more settled and can change our responses for the better. So maybe as the weekend approaches, make a promise to yourself that no matter what the obligations, there will be time for renewal this weekend. Your body and mind will thank you for it on Monday ! As always, go gently, go lightly and of course go safely..... one step at a time.
Happy Friday !
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