Midday Moment

Mindful practice brings our attention into the present moment. It provides a space where we can connect with what our senses are bringing to us from our external environment along with connecting our body and breath in a way that calms our stress response. It has been proven to improve our sense of wellness over time, along with our focus and concentration and allows us to enjoy our lives in a richer and deeper way.
It may be difficult when we have so much on the "to-do" list to really embrace mindful practice. I have met many teachers over the years who will say "I don't have time to stop and breathe!" This is genuinely how busy we feel at times but if we did allow ourselves these moments to simply payse and just notice our breathing and become present, we are doing our future selves a big favour too ! So whilst we may be wondering what is the point in all of this mindfulness "stuff" , the joy of the practice is that whilst it's good for us to connect into the present moment to access our calm set-point and stop to smell the roses as such, it's also going to benefit our future self as we are investing time in "filling the well" of energy in this moment so that we will feel better in the long run too.  We are in charge of our attention in every moment of our lives and we decide where it goes in any given moment so maybe right now as you are reading this, give your future self some attention by being present with yourself, your breath and your surroundings right now. Pause. Breathe. Notice. Go gently, go lightly and go safely. Blessings for a calm week ahead.
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