Midday Moment

I always use the metaphor of the 'well' for renewing our energy as educators. It isn't about trying to stop energy 'leaving' the well; that is going to happen no matter what we do. We have to work, teach, plan, prepare, shop, cook, clean, look after others .... these are just constituents of every day life and sometimes, some of these activities might actually give us energy (for example when we are enjoying our teaching). So it's healthy to accept that the energy will leave the well every day. What we tend to forget to do is 'fill' the well ! We expect that the energy will continue to be produced somehow if we keep pushing ourselves but the truth is that eventually, even if it takes some time, we will end up with an empty well and the body will choose the time when we are forced to rest. Rather than let it get to that, think of you well every day and remember to fill it up.
So for example, factor in a couple of minutes of rest and recovery time each day; pause, breathe and ground yourself using your senses. Bring yourself out of your head and into your body using your breath and feet. When you are eating at least one meal, do it mindfully and enjoy it. Ensure that bedtime is relaxing and comfortable experience. Bringing work to bed with you for example is not creating a space for restful sleep to occur. Simple things every day are key to filling your well. Yes your role as teacher or school leader right now are so important; there is no doubt about that but at the same time, you are no use to anyone if your energy and your energy reserves are low or empty. So right now, take a moment to pause and breathe. Rest in this moment. Recover. Restore. Renew
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