Midday Moment

I have been carefully studying the work of Dr. Brené Brown for many years and research has given life to a new direction we are going in in terms of our well-being. Prefectionism cripples our minds, bodies and spirits. It does not actually exist and so in striving for it, we are seeking to control all outcomes (which are ironically not actually ever in our control) and so this can lead not only to extreme frustration but often an overwhelm within ourselves that can be difficult to calm and settle.
As teachers, we do tend to push ourselves towards perfection; most of the time it is because we only want the best for our pupils and students but actually what they want is what's real, and what's real is the imperfect school leader or teacher standing (or at the moment, sitting at a laptop!) in front of them. They would only love to know that it's ok to make a mistake an learn from it. Can we be brave enough to do what we tell them to do all of the time; learn from our mistakes ? Seek growth and learning in our flaws ? Perfectionism suffocates our peace and strangles our happiness. As we move into a time of such uncertainty, we may not always get it right. We are going to make mistakes; some big and some small. We have all gone through and emotional rollercoaster these past few months; this cannot be ignored. So we will need to be so gentle with ourselves and with one another too. Perfectionism has no place in what is ahead.  We will need to be open, honest and yest....even vunerable at times. Striving for a perfection that doesn't exist can only lead to more stress. Do our best ? Yes. Have high standards ? Yes. Be professional ? Yes. Be perfect ? impossible. Let's swap perfectionism in our schools for compassion and empathy towards ourselves and other and see what happens.....go gently, go lightly and as always, so safely this weekend.
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