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Limiting your Liability as Primary Schools Re-Open

Webinar presented by Mason Hayes & Curran Law Firm

Webinar discussing limiting your exposure to liability as schools reopen.

There are 1 million pupils and almost 100,000 staff in approximately 4,000 schools returning to commence a new academic year. This welcome development has involved a huge amount of work by school leaders to lay the foundations for a successful return. Schools will look and feel different. There will be new challenges and anxiety on the part of some parents, pupils, and staff.

Our Education Team who have facilitated a series of webinars during the summer months, will revisit the challenge of reopening in light of the recent DES guidance. We will attempt to answer some of your questions and endeavour to help you navigate through the pitfalls to facilitate best possible compliance.

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The ESCI (Education Support Centres Ireland) website pulls in courses from Education Centres all over the country allowing you view all courses taking place nationwide.