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Call for Primary and Post-Primary Teachers for Oide Blended Learning Project

Project Information:

The RepurposingEducation through Blended Learning (REBEL) Project is managed by Oide Digital Technologies team and aims to support teachers in exploring how blended learning can support and enhance their current practice. Through a series of short self-directed modules (podcasts/ screencasts/ interactive PDFs), teachers are provided with a variety of approaches to blended learning which will help them to reimagine their current practice and try out some innovative activities with their classes. Teachers will also be fully supported by a Oide Digital Technologies professional learning leader who will facilitate fortnightly online check-ins (approx 45 mins) to discuss feedback from the module activities and provide those involved in the project an opportunity to share their practice with each other. The programme commences on October 10th with an in-person event in and will run until November 30th with an in-person shared learning event. Two teachers per school are being invited to express their interest in joining us for the project. The expression of interest form for this programme will close on September 29th @ 5pm.


To view the key dates involved and express your interest please visit