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Brigid 1500 Launches Innovative School Programme Celebrating The Life and Legacy of St. Brigid


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On Monday, 8th January, Brigid 1500 unveiled its new edition of their popular schools programme, specially created for primary school children, in partnership with Creative Ireland. This programme, hosted by Kildare County Council, aims to teach school children ‘The Life and Times of St. Brigid’ and tells the story of St. Brigid in a historical context, with a focus on Ireland and Kildare 1,500 years ago at the time of her death.

This free programme consists of an educational pack which contains over 30 pages of printable colouring sheets as well as activity sheets and accompanying lesson plans. This booklet is available in both Irish and English.

As part of the launch, digital copies of ‘The Life and Times of St. Brigid’ will be available to download from These will be accessible in advance of St. Brigid's day, 1st February 2024.

Sonya Kavanagh, Chief Executive, Kildare County Council, expressed her excitement about the school programme launch, stating:  “The School Programme has been created to educate children about St. Brigid, who she was, and the legacy she has left. Teaching our younger generation about influential women in our history, like St.Brigid, is something we really value. I can't wait for school children all over Ireland to discover St. Brigid and celebrate her inspiring life with us.”


St. Brigid’s legacy has lived on for over 15 centuries. Her unwavering dedication to nurturing and educating children in her time has served as an enduring source of inspiration through the ages. Renowned for her compassion and kindness, St. Brigid was a beacon of hope for the young, offering them solace, guidance, and education. Even today, her story continues to resonate and inspire children, encouraging them to embrace empathy, compassion and kindness.


More information about Brigid 1500 can be found at Digital versions of the educational pack are available in Irish and English.