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Loan Scheme: Mathematics - MALT Mathematics Assessment for Learning and Teaching - Stage Two

*The MALT Assessments is loaned to the school for a non-refundable fee of €10 for the period of two weeks. 

*All of the resources are the sole property of Galway Education Support Centre

*The assessment is on loan to your school for educational purposes, and is not permitted to be used in any other setting

*While the resources are in your care, you are taking responsibility for the care and correct use of them. An inventory will be carried out after each use to ensure all resources are returned to Galway Education Support Centre complete. The school will be required to reimburse the Centre for the cost of the resource should it be lost or damaged.

*The resources are for use under teacher guidance and supervision, and should not be used in an unsupervised capacity 

*Resources must be returned promptly to the Education Centre at the end of the loan term.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 01-01-2025 12:00 am
Course End Date / Time 30-12-2025 12:00 am
Course Fee €10.00

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